The Roffaswing Library

The Roffaswing Library is here!

Books, books, books, some CDs and DVDs included. Books are such a great source to study the dance you do more deeply, to learn about the history and the cultural context of African-American dance and music. Roffaswing believes it is meaningful to support its community of dancers in providing extra learning outside of dance classes, workshops and socials. Especially if we all spend more time in our homes like we have been doing for the past months.

Yes, video clips and documentaries are wonderful resources. Listening to playlists and podcasts is highly recommended. And then there are books… Books are as vast as the other resources to offer you new insights and ideas related to your dancing. Lindy Hop and other swing dances are more than a collection of steps and moves and finding the beat. Lindy Hop comes from a rich culture that was created in difficult conditions in hard times. When you can sit down and take the time to learn in different ways, you may be able to connect even more to the dance and the dance will become more meaningful to you.

The library collection
There are books on dance, dance history, plenty of books on music like jazz and blues, books on history subjects like the city of New Orleans, or European colonialism and slave trade, literature and non-fiction like African-American classic novels ‘To kill a mocking bird’ or memoirs of writers like Langston Hughes or James Baldwin.

A community library
The Roffaswing Library is a true community library for and by dancers. Roffaswing dancers lend their books to other dancers that take good care of the cherished book from the owner. And the intention is to have it working for free! The library will work as an honoury system based on trust and responsible use of borrowed items.

How we build it

The Roffaswing Library can be build in two ways: the majortiy of books of dancers will remain in their possession. Net to that we hope to build a small collection of physical books that will live on the shelf at the Swing in Rhythm studio. That physical library is created from suitable donated books and from donations in euros. There may be crowdfunding activities in future. To be honest we can’t wait to have a swinging Boekenbal for that purpose!

Are you happy to lend an interesting book(s) to another dancer? Propose your book(s) to the librarian. Even if a book is already in the library, it can useful to have multiple copies available.
You can also consider to donate a suitable book to the Roffaswing Library, for the bookshelf in the Swing in Rhythm studio.

It would be great to make wishlist for books and be able to purchase some books from donated euros or if you feel generous, you can donate a book from the wishlist.
Funds can be used to replace books in case of unintended damage or loss.

If you want to join the library to lend, to borrow donate or all of that, you can sign via the registration form.
If you have any questions, send an e-mail to roffaswinglibrary @

Browse the Roffaswing Library
All the books are visible in Library Thing. You can virutally visit the collection via your browser on a laptop or via the app on your phone.
To have access to more viewing options (availability and location of books), you need to log in with a (free) LT account.

Borrowing a book
> If you found a book you like to borrow, drop us an e-mail at roffaswinglibrary @
>  We’ll get you in touch with the owner of the book and you can see how you can make an appointment for a switch-over at the Swing in Rhythm Studio.
> You can borrow one book at a time for a month.
> Please treat the books as your best friends or precious belongings, as it is a cherished book from somebody else. So be careful with eating and drinking when you read. Don’t make dog ears, use a bookmark like an old Roffaswingflyer instead. Make notes in a separate notebook.
> Send an e-mail to the Roffaswing librarian set an appointment to return the book at the Swing in Rhythm studio.The Roffaswing librarian will let the book owner know the book is ready to go home again.

To take extra care in COVID-19 times. Studies at the moment suggest that covid-19 viruses can survive between 3 and 5 days on books, so if you feel more comfortable, you may want to leave it to rest for a few days.

We expect you to take utmost care for books as we don't have the means to replace damaged or missing books at the moment.

roffaswinglibrary @

Happy reading!

2020 21 jul