Roffaswing loves Lionel Hampton!

Roffaswing dancers contribute together for the kickstarter campaign 'Big Band Revival: Lionel Hampton'. Aim is to donate the transcription of an original Lionel Hampton song for $450 (± €383). This transcribed sheet music will be published and can used by contemporary swing bands (for $30).

Two years ago, the people of Lindy Focus had this great idea: Transcribing the music of legendary swing-era bandleader Chick Webb to be performed live once again. So they planned a kickstarter capaign to ask the swing dance community to fund this project. It got funded within 24 hours! Swing dancers and dance scenes from around the globe have donated to the project beyond 100%! It is just overwhelming to know how many dancers are aware of the importance of keeping this music alive. Last year a second campaign for Jimmie Lunceford's music was succesfully launched.

Roffaswing and Roffaswing dancers chipped in and we funded the transcription of Chick Webb's song 'Don't Be That Way'  and Jimmie Lunceford's 'Strictly Instrumental'. And yes Roffaswing got mentioned on the nights it was played at Lindy Focus!

So Roffaswing still loves this idea so much and several local dancers have shown interest to contribute togehter to get a song transcribed for this project.
It is so cool to get the scene together to do this!!! With this we hope that local swing bands will get their hands on this transcriptions and play this great music live for us!

Big Band Revival: Lionel Hampton from michael gamble on Vimeo.

Roffaswing donated $450 (approx. €385). We did this in name of all Roffaswing dancers. To contribute to this donation we ask you to give you us your name and the donated amount that you want to transfer to the Roffaswing IBAN. Any amount will be helpful. Thank you! You can find all info in this form:

So, who was Lionel Hampton where all the fuss is about? Lionel Hampton (1908-2002) was a percussionist, pianist and band leader, but mostly famous for playing the vibraphone. Lionel Hampton started his music career in Chicago and played in several jazz bands. He is well known for his work in the Benny Goodman Quartet (Benny Goodman clarient, Gene Krupa drums, Teddy Wilson piano, Lionel Hampton, vibrapone) and small bands during the 1930s. He lead his own big and small bands well into the 1980s. His lifelong career took him to stages all over the world to play his energetic jazz, swing, boogie and rhythm & blues.

Maybe you are or are not aware, but you are dancing to the music of the Lionel Hampton, as swing DJs keep playing the available recordings! You may recognise  songs like Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop, Lavender Coffin, Whoa Babe and of course Flying Home. Isn't it very exciting is to keep this great music alive by contemporary swing bands all over the world? Yes it is!

And here it is *drumrolls*, the song Roffaswingers funded: Down Home Jump!
This song and the other transcribed songs will be played live on a special night dedicated to the work of Lionel Hampton on December 29 at Lindy Focus in Asheville, North Carolina.
Like the last two years we guess the all will be streamed live via Youtube.

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2018 28 sep